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Gay speedo chat

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Gay speedo chat

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And George a big welcome to you to the BowieNet Family! David Bowie: Gosh I see you're on form today, George! David Bowie: George, as you're our guest, I give you first choice - you can pick speedo first question.

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Rupert: Is your head ok george? David Bowie: Again?

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Boy George: I'm surprised Rupert knows about. My head is fine I got knocked down a set of stairs on Friday but I'm fine now. I've got a strong head - I was out of control, it was a scary session.

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David Bowie: George, does that give you inspriation for songs, that kind of incident? Gilly: did you guys meet up at the brits last week?

Boy George: The worst thing about speeso is I don't remember it happening and I've decided to stop drinking now. I don't remeber being there I don't remember being drunk. It's not very glamous. Boy George: Yes we did very briefly. David Bowie: George was floating on high when I saw him. Were you getting ready to go on stage at the time, George? Boy George: Where have you been for the last 15 years? I don't do shit!

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Kick-ass rendition of Starman David Bowie: I'll interupt there and say that I'm absolutely knocked out that George is doing Star Man and why did you pick that particular song? Boy George: Well for about the last 10 years I have been doing different songs of yours in my set - Suffraget City, Queen Bitch and currently, Starman. Boy George: No I'm not an early period person. David Bowie: So you're an early period person, are you? Boy George: I think that answers that.

Boy George: Yeh, whenever we tour we always do a selection of oldies and current stuff. You have to do the old ones otherwise people hate you. I black moms chat line in milwaukee I'm as guilty as any other pop fan because when I go and see my favourite stars I want to hear something I know as well.

Bonster: wow, George is psychic! As well as having our own personal limousines waiting in the room, George and I both have a bevy of typists who are competing against each other to see who can get the answre up first.

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In different cities. Some times, the replies are getting out before the questions. This should make for a very bizarre transcript. David Bowie: I'm putting this up for you George. Total Blam Blam: Your Express column gives me the horn, but do you actually write it yourself - Or is fake boyfriend chat all a big con like David's Mirrabelle column in the 70's? I didn't know David did a Mirabell column in the 70's.

David Bowie: I had a girl working for me called Cherry Vanilla and I just told her to go ahead and write my journal for me on a weekly basis. So she just wrote about what she did all week and put my name to it.

David Bowie: But George, do you find time to write your column every week or do you cram it in when you can? Boy George: Sometimes it's a real panic and I'v missed a few deadlines but somehow or other I've always managed to get it there. David Live sex chat group I've missed weeks at a time on my journal and I have no excuses.

David Bowie: I thought that I would fictionalize a journal at one point and write a months worth of days in advance.

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David Bowie: But that never panned out either. Boy George: Nice name Windowlicker, what flirty text it mean? Yes I love DJ'ing - but lately its starting to get a little bit like doing pop concert. When I started it, it was during a lull in my career and people kind of let me get on with it but now they drive me insane!!!

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Boy George: Speedos are skimpy swimming trunks and I don't look very good in them. David Bowie: You were asked to judge the contest not to wear them, George. Is this true?

A guy in a cheetah print speedo and chaps fist-pumps in front of a Welcome to Club Quarantine, the hottest virtual gay club you've ever logged The experience of "attending" Club Q is something between playing Chat. We have lots of members that just can't wait to talk to somebody exactly like you!, Gay Senior Meet. Hello. I am a gay male who is into speedo briefs. I sew my. Playa Del Carmen is a gay friendly destination with many gay bars, hotels and and if you wanted to sit and talk with other gay and lesbian travelers there will be During the day you will see people walking in bikinis and speedos going to.

Boy George: I think speedos have something to do with beaches, swimming pools and fit-bods - so leave me out. Whatever happened to the feather boa? Genoa: Boy, in italy we have recently seen Velvet Goldmine. Did you see it?

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If so, what do you think of it? I sat in the cinema tutting throughout and thought they got it gaay wrong. American's shouldn't make movies about British culture. David Bowie: Definitely not enough shopping in it. Picadilly: George. What are you wearing right now? Boy George: I'm wearing very scruffy clothes. Nothing exotic unfortunately. Sweatpants, a dirty old T-shirt and a bobble hat.

David Bowie: Late '90's scruffy is equivalent to early '90's high fashion Bonster: what's a bobble cuat Picadilly: NO makeup? Boy George: Yes Kailua kona chat rooms - no makeup. Charlie: George, are you an avid internet user? Boy George: This is my second time on the internet.

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I'm actually worried I would become obsessed and have no life. I understand you can make sexually conquests on the internet. Boy George: I have friends that do it reguarly. Bonster: sorry, I'm one of those Americans who should make movies about British culture ; David Bowie: Okay Bonster, how would you deal with it? In a nutshell, be succint. David Bowie: We'll hear from Bonster later. Emilio: Boy George, in your book you describe the first time David spoke to you.

I was insulted.

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I was an original. I decided Bowie was better as asl in chat concept than a reality, an ordinary bloke with crooked teeth and a funny eye who happened to change my life. Is that what you still think about him apart from the teeth, which are different? Boy George: Yes, it's true - David was at a club called the Beetroot or the Embassy, I think so and he told me I looked like Klaus Nomi and I was very depressed cause I'd spent hours getting ready, but to be honest I was just thrilled he'd spoke to me.

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What cnat you think of the "George" in there? David Bowie: Is it interesting George that both of xhat to a certain extent have a persona for stage and David Bowie: then we see our personas personad in a movie. So one is getting a third hand fabrication of who we are? David Bowie: Does that not give you sleepless nights? Boy George: The only thing that depresses me is when I'm portrayed as a mincing old fairy.

Boy George: When in actual fact I'm quite blokey. David Bowie: When you should be a gqy mincing fairy. Boy George: We're both south London boys. Boy George: David do you transvestite chatroom that I used to hang outside your house in Beckingham? Boy George: Do you remember the Wimpy bar down the road?

David Bowie: No I read that but I never believed it. Is it true? We were thrilled. Boy George: My favourite band at the moment is Bell and Sebastian. It's very Velvet Underground and quirky. But I also like Placebo, especially Pure Morning.

LiLu: should i be calling you Boy? Boy George: I was going to say be careful what you name your children, kids can be cruel.

David Bowie: Is that like be careful for what fhat wish for? Boy George: Think about Paul Yates. Bianca: Is there any truth that you are planning to make your life into a film, George? Is there any role for David planned in it?