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Granny chat durham concert

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Granny chat durham concert

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I guess now um yes. Hi, I'm Caht and I'm a music concert manager for this year. I'm Eve and I'm a music do assistant manager for this year. Hey, hey, so should we start with just some introductions from each ensemble? Um we've got acapella with us today so uh footnotes do you wanna go first? Um I'm Lydia I'm fitness president. I'm Molly. I'm the treasurer um dynamics.

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm dynamics President. I'm Kate.

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I'm dynamics musical director. I'm Hastings. I'm not the president. I am well. I'm the music director. Um I think we just we're missing full court at the moment, but they will be with us shortly um so sure he can introduce himself when he arrives um can you guys just tell us a little bit about duram um group? Just one of you?

I'll start again um so fitness started 2 years ago, so this is our third year um on way to a mix of different genres. And dynamics um yeah, we're dynamics. Um some go there sometimes yeah um yeah so Northern lights are a mixed like a group about forty members um and we compete in competitions and things like that and we have. Also quite wide range for we do a lot of pop mainly um so yeah. Yes, we should we start with foot and then go in the same order and it's before so uh Lydia and Molly and what does the audition process that for your society?

So the two or 3 minute and accompanied song and then we'll follow that with some cpncert, some more tests and tests and then a little chat. It's gonna be really chill um for a couple of members of this in there, we're nice and friendly and we free sex chat lines we want to get to concer people as well as just to sort of see if you're fit um yeah, that's about it. It will probably be at the end of this week or in the first week of what we see.

Going on yeah and um what sort of standard do you welcome like a society? And what's what's the commitment like Is it weekly attendance?

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Everybody comes chat rooms for woman single week. Yes, we have sort of 2 hour every Saturday, which is quite important but most of our members do miss that one rehearsal at um and then we usually do one concert which will do something this time it might be online. It might not be often with the rehearsal the day before the concert.

If people have the quarantine and then yeah, we won't go to attendance. I think we're quite flexible if you have good reasons to not come, but you need to be able to come when you can yeah and we already talked about repertoire a little bit but um Lydia do you have a favorite song that you've done repertoire?

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I think favorite pop. We've done it was probably holding out for a hero. It's probably not. Cool right, That means you wanna take okay you're concerrt to dynamics then um what's the audition process is gonna be like this year um so yeah cooncert similar to that. We are here to do in personal auditions, but there will always be an option to do a video audition. Or um things, but um no like eating um it's not a requirement to be able to read music.

I'd say it's quite like half and half mix of those that read music can chat with cheating housewives boise in our choir Um yeah, that's it really quite informal very relaxed and they'll probably be three exact members in the room um but yeah we chill right um and what kind of stand do you welcome So we welcome.

Um a lot of people are not choir. This is the first they've been in, but a lot of people are old hands and have been in quite at school, so it really is a complete variation between all sorts of standards, but we welcome we welcome anyone who's basically enthusiastic about seeing to be honest.

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So yeah and you did you discuss about like what kind of rep I do. It's like pop mashups and a bit of like musical theater. So is there anything else you wanna add about repertoire? Basically we try and go on sort of really upbeat tunes, but also some more mellow uh close harmony stuff Uh so we did learn some road uh very famous arrangement djrham the Kings udrham this year, so we kind of an answer.

Chwt a week um we have one on a Thursday evening and then Sunday evening as well and there are 2 hours each with a break in the middle um and we have all members of all rehearsals, but I think probably this year could be looking to do more sexual assaults as well to have smaller groups that will turn that way it would chat room lesbian okay.

Thank you great. So no lies what's your audition ocncert gonna look like this year. I'm pretty sure to where I'm in the heart of the first round of auditions online uh this year so. I'll be on in a video of a song and then we do a zoom like on a chat thing and all the time and then the next round. I hope you would cncert to do that in person um and I'll just be singing a song from uh all that long.

I bet if you can't come to that, we'll have an online. Everyone and most people agree you have a quite strong uh eating like sheet music thirty um that anyone who's this one. So um we have two houses a week similarly each 2 hours um with a break in hranny middle um and for the moment we've been allocated um Wednesday and Saturday rehearsals um and the commitment is generally you are expected to turn up and furham you have a reason not to be there um and yeah, we do kind of have commitment in terms of preparing for rehearsals and things like that just to make sure it runs smoothly, especially with coated um that's yeah, otherwise chat horny girls you can't make it free sex chat online we are.

That ideally that's good ckncert you can make it. Awesome and we've got full school us now and he's Oscar he is asking a president, Yes, president of school, a very sorry.

I'm late. I was on a fundraising. It's just ended, but that's okay.

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Uh yeah sure so with full school uh with Durham's only Barber Shop group and barbershop is. Lookingfor a flirt friend texting can actually think of it as like uh it's it's like an american-born acapella singing style. I like jazz um. Things like travel water ah got the distance from so various arrangements some contemporary some not ah but yeah so that's that's us great thank you that's a lot of like the covered ah but also so ah what's your audition place is gonna be like this year so ah the plants might change ah depending on ah university guidelines and the government but right now with To have a first initial stage that's done online, so we're gonna have our first wave of uh the it'll involve some kind of range test and some kind of uh would probably gonna give out a piece to to to to learn and that for for people to sing or they all candidates might choose a song they can sing and send in a video of that.

We'd like to do those in person uh but we will we will have a way of doing it online as well, but essentially that'll just be um. We'll spend some time in Alberta beside learning about your piece and then we'll get like uh the auditions to sing in groups of four and uh see how they gel great. Thank you and what's the commitment like um like what your wheat rehearsals.

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So we have one house of the week on a Tuesday. It's gonna be seven until PM on a Tuesday, which is quite long, but we have breaks and it means we can do just one like stronger rehearsal a week uh concerts we uh we'll we'll perform a free text chat numbers of times a time uh and also between rehearsals the um there will be a little bit of uh learning music and stuff just because uh sometimes it's just not bashing rehearsals gets a bit tiresome but uh yeah, just one.

A week Tuesdays seven to and what kind of standards indian women chat married milwaukee ny you welcome? Uh we are we are auditions um we actually don't require the dugham to uh reach music so literally as long as you got a good uh and you'd love singing just like uh just show up doncert typically barbershop you can uh you can almost think of it as a kind of theatrical style of singing quite this quite a big on projections and stuff like that, but really uh any.

Any any good singer can adapt to it, and I really just highly recommend you audition. Thank you um so that's kind of the ad questions out of the way um when moving on to more like social site that just quick quickly before we do uh just a quick music do disclaimer on all of this sort of stuff um so yeah all of our ensembles are kind of aiming to make the auditions as accessible as possible for every day, be that if you're shielding, they'll they'll be able to offer those online auditions and if you don't.

Technology to do the online auditions they will offer those in person hopefully um yeah, we're also looking into providing masterclass for self taping a bit closer to fresher week, so you can make sure you're online auditions are as close to the real thing as possible and yeah, just look forward to all that stuff. It's not that scary.

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Yeah, um so we'll go back to footnotes. I think I would agree with that one um we also got to dress up as what we wanted to be when we're older, I was a bride and all of Durham thought I was on my hand. I had a great at night um so yeah, that's probably one of my favorites. We also do dynamics every year best phone sex chat lines kind of noise and I'm coming up with this one.

Yeah um another non drinking socials. Yeah there are so we go from meals quite a lot together, especially like after rehearsals and performances and dinner is always on.

With most of us vurham but yeah like I was with any music society. Get chat sports jets know your sectional We quite like to start doing brunches maybe before rehearsal on a Saturday morning, I definitely um there's type of social for everyone and everyone's welcome um and how many members are there in your society.

Sort of between sixteen and twenty, it's slightly depends on your auditions, but we're trying to keep it for a small quite small this year to allow us to rehearse together.

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Thank you. Awesome so dynamics you up next and what was your favorite social be so far Um I think I think our first of the year last year, it was like an 80s theme, and I think that was really special. It was our first big one. It was super fun, but a durhqm second is probably our theme. Furham have like a cheese and wine night and we watch them. It's just the characters and that was that was pretty good.

I have to agree the lame was pretty special, but we did franny hire out um what our social sites and go we had a ball with the karaoke machine and we had a night of karaoke and that was probably a highlight for me being an acrobatic choir. We really we really enjoy.

Um and do you have non drinking socials? I mean I don't drink at all myself. I mean in any society I've been in it, but also dynamics.

We do like evening socials after rehearsals well, we probably won't go to bar this year, But in the past we have done that, but we also do meet for meals. We're in spoons all the time um we have you know all sorts going on we go. Fees you know if we have a gig in the day, we'll we'll meet for coffee afterwards or whatever. So there's absolutely double q chat pressure to um yeah granny drink too.

So I think like I of six or five for five, I think um yeah, it depends that probably around in that.