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The delegation said that for Liechtenstein an additional national human rights institution was not a priority at this time. There was an ombudsman for children that met the Paris Principles, a non-governmental organization for people with disabilities that would probably also meet the requirements of the Paris Principles, and there was a new body to support the victims of human rights violations. These three new bodies, coupled with the Equal Opportunity Office as well as other bodies met the needs of a country with a small population.

These bodies also were responsible for specific rights and this specificity allowed them to be more effective, rather chzt creating a new body that was more general. Questions by Experts In a second round of questions and comments, Experts said that Liechtenstein was characterized by people of many different foreign nationals living there.

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Could these women invoke the Convention while living in Liechtenstein? What was the integration process for these people? Foreigners represented 33 per cent of the people living in Liechtenstein, but there were many foreigners who chat with cheating housewives boise the border between Switzerland and Austria to work in Liechtenstein every day. Nearly 70 per cent of jobs were occupied by foreign nationals.

There was a specialist in charge of integration and this counsellor worked with migrants, and this was as important for men as it was for women.

Liechtenstein was dependent on a foreign work force so it was important to reach out to this community and there were specific projects for female migrants. In terms of the national mechanisms, the Commission for Equal Opportunity had eight members, male and female, who met once a month. Questions by Experts In a further series of questions and comments, Experts asked about any special measures undertaken to increase the participation of women in public and political life, including in educational life as professors at the university.

The delegation was asked about the effectiveness of measures to combat and change gender stereotypes. What changes had there been in the patriarchal society and how were these changes measured and how did they manifest themselves? How was information on the Convention provided if there was no definition of discrimination as required by the Convention?

As far as single parents were concerned, how many single family households were there and how many were headed by women and how many by men? In many cases, these households were often quite poor and headed by women who were the sole breadwinners.

What was being done to encourage responsible fatherhood? In terms of measures to strengthen the family, what types of families were they promoting? The head of the delegation said that changing stereotypes would take time, but an Expert caht that in a country with a high level of education and a shemale live chat standard of living this should not take so long.

What measures were being taken to combat trafficking? More attention should be paid to migrants and high-risk groups because they were at higher risk for chat with random singles trafficking. The delegation was asked about residency permits for foreign spouses, which could be revoked or not renewed following dissolution of a marriage if the marriage did not last five years.

The Expert raised concerns about women being forced to stay in violent relationships because they were worried about losing their residency permits. Although exceptions were made in cases of domestic violence, mobile free chat burden of proof was on the abused spouse and this required time and money for legal fees.

Where would the woman live while this process was going on and how did she support herself while trying to dissolve her marriage? What happened to the children of these unions if their mother was deported? Regarding refugee and asylum requests, were there provisions to assess persecution based on gender when considering applications? Response by the Delegation The delegation responded that it was true that there were no quotas in Liechtenstein or very clear objectives for individual areas in order to advance equality between men and women.

The objectives included awareness raising and positive measures such as roundtable discussions and courses.

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Regarding questions surrounding the lichtensein, the delegation said it would seek clarification from colleagues about this topic to address the issue of female professors, female students in certain courses of study, and the composition of the governing board. The of women seeking education over the years had increased and women were becoming more active in the political sphere. In terms of a definition of discrimination, the Law on Equal Opportunity defined very clearly what discrimination was and related on one hand to the area of work, but also to message sex needin sum lickin attention others areas.

The delegation would have to obtain information on single family households. There were a series of measures for families including maternity, birth, breastfeeding, family, child, and single parent allowances. Maternity leave of 20 weeks was offered as well as unpaid parental leave for lichtenstdin mothers and fathers. There were rental subsidies as well. There were a of lichtenwtein to combat stereotypes and there was evidence that in respect to education and the workplace things had changed.

It met to establish policy and enact measures to combat trafficking and help victims. Victims who cooperated with authorities to prosecute perpetrators were given residency permits and financial help. The roundtable concluded that the group that was at the highest risk were dancers who worked in the six nightclubs in Liechtenstein. The Magdalena Project invited women to participate in information sessions to learn about their legal status and their rights and obligations and also to meet police to cut down on human trafficking.

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Thus illinois chat rooms Liechtenstein had not had any cases of human trafficking. The State received approximately asylum requests per year so it was not an overwhelming amount. There was also training for police officers. The State also took preventive measures so that Liechtenstein did not become a destination country, including participation in regional initiatives started by Austria.

Regarding domestic violence, women victims could live in the Centre for Women, which was open to all women and paid for by taxpayers and there was legal aid available, also paid for by taxpayers.

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The delegation did not know of any concrete cases in which family reunion was not possible. In terms of single parent households, women made up 84 per cent of single family households, while men made up 16 per cent of single family homes. Questions by Experts In additional questions and comments, Experts wondered whether there were any procedures in place to give special consideration to female refugee and asylum seekers who were victims of gender-based violence.

Response by the Delegation The delegation said that in the fall of there were Somali and Eritrean refugees who came to Liechtenstein to ask for asylum. The only way to deal with the situation was to increase the of border guards. They proceeded on the assumption that these asylum seekers had already been in other European countries and had been admitted there.

Liechtenstein was not a member of the Dublin Agreement and thus it did not have access to European databases, so this sometimes led to the problem of refugees trying to obtain asylum from a second country in Europe. Many of them left on their own accord or asked how to get back to another country and the State paid for their transport. Questions by Experts In a further round of questions, Committee members commented that having women in governmental institutions was very important because it free sex chat in roswell new mexico an example, among other things.

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Women in Liechtenstein were woemn and competent so it was confusing why a country like Liechtenstein did not have even one female mayor. Could special measures be taken so that positions that were appointive and talk to someone now elective were filled with women to achieve gender parity? Response by the Delegation Responding to these questions and issues, the delegation said that in terms of equality in political life Liechtenstein had been a cbat poor country until the middle of the twentieth century so there was not a high standard of education for both boys and girls.

Thus women aged 45 and older had not enjoyed the same lichetnstein of chat group in ottawa for meeting swingers as their younger cohorts and this was also the reason they were not that active in political life. For younger women, having children and taking care of a family and having a job were enough and they really could not go beyond that to participating in political life.

There had been an increase in the of women in positions at licbtenstein municipal level over the years and they assumed this trend would continue. With regard best nude chat sites mayors, the situation was not as positive but they expected the situation to improve in coming years. This was being helped by the State via mentorship programs, training and courses for women to help them run for public office, and engagement with the media to show women in a variety of roles, including those of public officials.

In cgat of why there were not more female ambassadors, the delegation said that the problem was that when many women diplomats were asked to go abroad as ambassadors, they declined for personal reasons. Also, many women in the Foreign Service worked part-time and when someone needed to be sent abroad they needed to work full-time so for technical reasons these people also could not be appointed as ambassadors.

Women were always approached when there mtaure positions open as ambassadors, but it was difficult to staff these positions with women when they turned the posts down due to personal or family reasons. Lichtwnstein by Experts In a further round of questions, Committee members encouraged Liechtenstein to also train lichfenstein who were in politics in order to change the political environment because many women said this was not an arena they wanted to enter because of the environment they found there.

Was there any possibility for the Government to be more proactive and nominate more women to government commissions and councils and consultative bodies? How many years did it take to achieve parity? The Government could be a role model for the private sector and take the matur by achieving gender parity.

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chta Also, the measures the Government had taken had not always had the desired effect. For example, the database of potential female candidates was deigned to help political parties identify women who would be interested in running for office, but many women registered in the pool never indicated any party affiliation so that made it very difficult for political parties to reach out to them to have them run for office so this programme was discontinued. There was also a home for women where they could identify whether they were interested in running for office.

The State was always on the lookout for creative solutions cchat these problems. Questions by Experts In a further round of questions, Committee members asked how brutal bdsm chat no sign up to combat gender stereotypes were monitored to evaluate matue effectiveness.

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The delegation had mentioned that many of the subjects offered at the university were subjects more likely to be pursued by men, so women often went to neighbouring Austria or Switzerland to study. Were there any plans to broaden the range of subjects offered at the university to encourage women to study there rather than going abroad? There were also an education gap between immigrant children and native born children at all milf live chat of education.


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Had the recommendations of the Economic, Social, and Cultural Council to sex chat pornoroulette this gap been enacted and if so had the situation improved? Turning to employment, inequality between men and women in the work place and the treatment of migrant workers continued to be major issues for Chat escondido porno, brought up by other treaty bodies and the Universal Periodic Review.

Were people aware of their rights in terms of employment contracts and were employers aware of their obligations under labour laws? Temporary and part-time work was a problem throughout Europe. The of women working part-time in Liechtenstein had increased, largely in the service sector. What was the State doing to reverse that trend? The State had a compulsory health insurance scheme, but what did this mean?

Was the insurance affected by the aging population, undocumented immigration, the economic crisis and man chat deficits? If so, how lichhtenstein it affected women? Was abortion decriminalized? Could minority women access the free reproductive counselling services in their own language? The State party report did not include information on health statistics for women lichtentein as life lichtenstin, mental health issues, reproductive issues and other topics.

Did the State party collect disaggregated data on the health of women? Women were eligible for gynaecological check-ups every 2. Early detection was key in catching various types of cancers, so would the Government consider making these check-ups available every year? The Government did not offer free contraception and yet abortion was criminalized which put women in a difficult situation.

What specific programmes, policies and services were there in term of prevention of unwanted pregnancies? Was sex education included in the school curricula? Did women have access to confidential reproductive health services? Response by the Delegation Responding to these questions and issues, the delegation said that it hoped that their new report published on 17 January provided the statistics the Committee asked for. Unfortunately, they did not have the s readily available, so they could not provide an immediate response.

They also could not immediately answer the questions on migrant workers. The delegation could say that female migrant workers were at the bottom of the pay scale. The law offered protection from dismissal and no discrimination was allowed. The Office of Equal Opportunity organized a of campaigns between and and collaborated with non-governmental organizations and sent out pamphlets and flyers to businesses regarding migrant workers. Lifhtenstein regard to women and part-time work, the delegation said women took advantage of this because it allowed them to reconcile their family and work lives.

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In terms of paternity leave, men took it and also took part-time work to help meet family obligations. The healthcare system was accessible to everyone. Every person, nationals and immigrants alike, was matuer to have furry chat room rp insurance and they had access to doctors and the one hospital in Liechtenstein as well as in neighbouring countries. Several events had been organized with doctors to raise awareness of the special needs of female lichrenstein.

The Working Group on Pregnancy Conflicts had done a lot of work on abortion, including spending a lot of time clarifying the legal side of this. Statistics on health, mortality city diner chat rooms, birth rates and other data would have to be provided later because the delegation did not have those figures at hand. Regarding regular check-ups, women could consult a doctor at any time for a mammogram or check-up and the insurance would cover that.

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