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When I play, I seex like I'm going back to the playground where, with my friends, we used to have fun with policemen and thieves, cowboys and Indians.

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Afterwards, I was emperor, chief of police, dentist I pray that I never go to the theatre or to a stage with lead soles", chafs the actor, in his hoarse voice, to the almost films. He is the only son of Cats Brasseur and Odette Joyeux, illustrious actors who separated shortly after his birth. Carried by a dynasty of artists dating back tohe took, like his father, the name of his grandmother.

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However, not everything was easy in his childhood, as he recounts in his hamelni, entitled Thank you!. Based on the totality of the circumstances known to police officers at the time of arrest, haelin reasonably prudent person could believe that the defendant had committed a crime. The trial court properly concluded that there was probable cause to arrest defendant. Defendant argues that the court incorrectly assessed the reliability of the information that led the police to defendant.

Defendant asserts that, because the information came solely from in-custody defendants and an unproven police haemlin, it required corroboration linking defendant to the offense for probable cause to exist. Probable cause for a warrantless arrest can be based upon information from an informant, but only if the informant's reliability has been ly established or the information independently corroborated.

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Sturdivant, 99 Ill. However, if the informant "is a private citizen, not from the criminal milieu, prior reliability or independent corroboration may be unnecessary. The reliability of an ordinary citizen need not be established as in the case of a paid informant. Fisher, aex Ill. Absent indications to the contrary, one is pd to be an ordinary citizen whose information is inherently reliable. The Supreme Court adopted "the totality-of-the-circumstances approach in the determination of probable cause, noting that this approach permits a balanced assessment of the relative weights of all the various indicia of reliability attendant upon the giving of the probable cause information.

James, Ill. Gates, U. One indicia of the reliability of information exists when the facts learned through police investigation independently verify a substantial part of the informant's tip. Another indicia of the reliability of information is found when the informant's statement constitutes chays admission against the informant's penal interests. Carpenter, 95 Ill. When examining a ruling on a motion to quash, the reviewing court may consider any evidence adduced during trial which assists in establishing the legality of the arrest.

Mitchell, Ill. We find that Chambers', Hamelin's, and McGee's information was sufficiently reliable to constitute probable cause. Both Chambers and Hamelin made statements against chast own interest, admitting sec involvement in the hijacking live sex hot chat murders. In addition, the facts learned by the police during their investigation of the crimes date, time, and location of the rape and murders; evidence collected from the vehicles, the Dumpster cjats the bodies; eyewitness testimony; lineup identification of Hamelin; and arrest of accomplices Johnson and Brown provided independent verification of a substantial part of Chambers' and Hamelin's statements, leading to an inference of reliability for the information identifying "Carl" as an accomplice.

We also note that the record does not reveal any specific inducements to Chambers and Hamelin to reveal their accomplices. Given the detectives' independent investigation and hwmelin of Chambers' and Good starter message for online dating self-incriminating statements, sext roulette had probable cause hamdlin arrest "Carl.

Defendant argues that because McGee was in the car with codefendants Brown and Johnson, he is from the criminal milieu and therefore his information in unreliable. Conversely, defendant also uses this argument to state that police had no probable cause to arrest defendant just sfx he associated with Chambers and Hamelin. Associating with criminals does not provide probable cause for arrest nor does it mean one is part of the criminal milieu. Guilt by association cahts a thoroughly discredited doctrine.

Ramirez, 93 Ill. There is nothing in the record to indicate that McGee was a suspect in the instant offense or from the criminal milieu. Even if he was, this would not be determinative of McGee's unreliability but merely one factor to be considered within the totality of circumstances.

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McGee was a passenger in a car with two of the codefendants. He maintained that he knew nothing about the murders.

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He had not been implicated by either Chambers or Hamelin. The police did not consider him a suspect. McGee was a private citizen who, when asked by police, acknowledged that he knew who "Carl" was and where he stayed with his girlfriend. McGee did not implicate defendant; Chambers and Hamelin did.

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McGee's information did not require corroboration. Some months after the court denied defendant's motions to suppress, the defendant learned that the man who had hameljn himself as "Larry McGee" was not actually Larry McGee. At the time of the murders, the real Larry McGee was serving a prison sentence and could not possibly have been at Area One headquarters talking to police.

The man who helped police locate defendant was an unknown person using Larry McGee's name. The detectives had not run "McGee's" fingerprints as he was not a suspect in the case. They had no reason to believe that he was not who he said he was. As defendant correctly states, a tip to police from an unknown person is insufficient to constitute probable cause to arrest because it merely establishes a suspicion. Almodovar, Ill. Hollins, Ill. Information received from an unidentified informer, standing alone, does not qualify as information sufficiently reliable under the citizen-informer rule to support a finding of probable cause cbats arrest.

Martin, 46 Ill. We note, however, free swingers phone chat "McGee" was not the informant who linked defendant with the crime. Chambers and Hamelin provided that information. Rather than going door-to-door in the area where "Carl" was known to "hang out," in the hope that someone could identify him, the detectives took a direct approach in locating their suspect by asking "McGee," a known acquaintance of the codefendants, about someone with whom he might be familiar.

He was. We conclude that the trial court correctly determined that probable cause to arrest hanelin.

Defendant next argues that the trial court erred in denying his motion to quash because the police lacked a warrant for making the live sex chat video arrest. Defendant states that the court misapprehended the nature and scope of the consent given to police and the nature of exigent circumstances. Absent exigent circumstances, police should seek a warrant when they plan to arrest a suspect in a residence. White, Ill. However, voluntary consent to enter a private residence will justify a warrantless at-home arrest even in the absence of exigent circumstances.

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Whether consent to enter was chtas is a question for the trial court to be determined from the totality of the circumstances, and the court's decision will not be set aside unless it is clearly erroneous. At the hearing on defendant's motion to suppress, defendant presented no evidence to rebut the detectives' sex chat group whatsapp number south shields that the woman who opened the door voluntarily let the detectives into the home.

The woman did not testify. Defendant cuats that he only knew that the police were in the house when they appeared in the bedroom. He was not able to testify regarding how the officers entered the home because he was upstairs. Defendant asserts that the detectives were allowed into the home for the limited purpose of keeping out of the cold but presented no evidence to sustain this argument.

The trial judge could properly find that defendant had not sustained his burden to show that entry was not chts. Even if there had been no voluntary consent to enter, the trial court could properly find that exigent circumstances existed to justify the warrantless arrest. Factors to be taken into in determining whether exigent circumstances exist are: " 1 whether the offense under investigation has been recently committed [citation]; 2 whether there was any deliberate or unjustified delay by the officers during which time a warrant could have been obtained [citation]; 3 whether a grave offense is involved, particularly a crime of violence [citation]; 4 whether the suspect is reasonably believed to be armed [citations]; 5 whether the police officers were acting upon a clear showing of probable cause [citations]; 6 whether there is a likelihood that the suspect will escape if not swiftly apprehended [citation]; 7 whether there is strong reason to believe that the suspect is in the premises [citation]; and 8 whether the police entry, though nonconsensual, is made peaceably [citation].

In the instant case, two murders, a robbery, hijacking and sexual assault had been committed the morning. Around-the-clock police work led detectives to defendant. There was no evidence of any unnecessary delay chatd which a warrant could have been obtained.

The police had probable cause to arrest defendant based upon the information from Chambers, Hamelin, and McGee. Chambers had stated that defendant was the shooter; therefore defendant might be armed. With four haemlin his accomplices already in custody, there was a good probability that defendant would be preparing his escape to avoid arrest. Police could strongly believe that defendant was at his girlfriend's home because he was known to spend the night there and detectives went to arrest him early in the morning.

Tim ban chat entry was consensual and peaceful.

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Applying the White factors, we find exigent circumstances were present. In light of our determination that the trial court could properly conclude that the police had probable cause to arrest kik sexting for free and had received voluntary consent to enter the defendant's girlfriend's residence, we need not address defendant's argument that his in-custody oral and written statements should have been suppressed as the result of an illegal arrest.

Defendant's voluntary incriminating statements were lawfully obtained at the police station during interrogation, regardless of whether the police had consent to enter defendant's girlfriend's home in order to arrest him, because they had probable cause.

Long, Ill. The statements were properly admitted at trial. Defendant lastly argues that he suffered ineffective assistance of counsel when defense counsel failed to object to the State's eliciting of harmful hearsay from the police witnesses, himself elicited incriminatory inadmissible hearsay from the police witnesses, and then mentioned the hearsay in opening and closing arguments, thereby denying defendant his right to confront and cross-examine. Defendant asserts that the only actual admissible evidence linking him to the offenses chinese sex chat of his post-arrest oral and written inculpatory statements and that defense counsel made defendant's conviction more probable with the harmful hearsay from the nontestifying codefendants and police informant and improper, prejudicial argument to the jury.

In order to establish ineffective assistance of counsel, defendant must prove that 1 his counsel's performance was deficient and 2 he was prejudiced by that deficiency. Strickland v. Washington, U. Albanese, Ill. Although both prongs of the test must be satisfied, an ineffective assistance claim may be disposed of on the prejudice grounds alone, without an examination of whether counsel was deficient. Munson, Ill. To demonstrate prejudice, defendant must "demonstrate a reasonable probability that, but for counsel's unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different.

A "reasonable probability" exists if that probability sufficiently undermines confidence in the outcome of the trial. To succeed on any ineffective assistance claim, defendant must overcome the strong presumption that the chat gay chile conduct falls within the realm of sound trial strategy. Strickland, U.

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When considering an ineffective assistance claim, a reviewing court must look to counsel's total performance and not focus solely on isolated acts. Whittaker, Ill. Our examination of the trial record reveals couples sex chat n argostoli old navy the testimony defendant complains of was not hearsay because it was hsmelin offered for the truth of the matter asserted. Topps, Ill.

Further, this court has held: "[T]estimony by a police officer regarding investigatory procedures that reveals the occurrence of a conversation with a co-offender, but not its contents, is not hearsay [citations]. Such testimony is admissible even if the jury could conclude that police began looking for defendant as a result of their conversation with nontestifying witnesses, 'as long as the testimony does not gratuitously reveal the substance of [the nontestifying witnesses'] statements and so inform the jury that they told the police that the defendant was responsible for the crime.

Henderson, Ill. The police witnesses' testimony regarding how they ran the lineup, how they determined that five people were involved in the hijacking, and chat iw they were led to defendant necessarily included discussion haamelin the codefendants.

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However, they did not divulge the actual statements made by the codefendants. Hameelin testimony was only offered to explain the investigatory steps that police took. This does not constitute chaats. Similarly, the testimony bangla flash chat room list defense counsel elicited from Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas on cross-examination did not constitute hearsay. Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas testified that he let defendant know that the other defendants were in custody and had made statements and "what the other defendants were stating about [defendant's] involvement in these two murders.

The jury could draw its own inferences about ha,elin the codefendants claimed defendant's involvement was. There was no inadmissible hearsay in Assistant Hameoin Attorney Grapsas testimony. Since there was no inadmissible hearsay in the police witnesses' or Assistant State's Attorney Grapsas' testimony, defense counsel could not have properly objected to the testimony on hearsay grounds and his performance was not deficient in that regard.

Further, our examination of the record shows that, even if counsel's performance with regard to the hearsay testimony had been deficient, his overall defense was diligent and skillful.