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Snape chat

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Snape chat

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We created snapechat because the dark lord asked it of us | the sparknotes blog

Not only is he the most complex figure in the series, but Rowling has given him abilities that allow him to take on any story arc without contradicting himself. Most of the wizarding world rests securely on one side or the other.

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Snape, however, is outwardly loyal to both, but trusted entirely by neither. He could be a double agent, a triple agent, or simply an opportunist. But who he really is, and what motivates him, will determine much of how the last chapter of the Harry Potter saga plays out. Which side is he on? When the last book left off, Snape had fled Hogwarts with the rest of the Death Eaters, having chat model just killed the heroic Albus Dumbledore with an unforgivable curse.

Alone among the major characters, Snape's motivations are entirely unclear even now. He has powerful friends and suspicious enemies, with Harry Potter entering the seventh book firmly in the latter camp.

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One of them, at least, has been critically wrong in granting that trust. But that's a very charitable interpretation of the facts. Part of the mistrust Harry feels about Snape has been engendered by the fact that the two years Sirius Black spent out of Azkaban before being apparently killed were spent with Sirius and Snape renewing their old Free phone chat seattle rivalry.

That has little to do with their current loyalties; he treats Peter Pettigrew, who ed the Death Xnape and ultimately betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, sna;e similar disdain.

Playing both sides? Countless essays have been written to justify both positions, but the essentials can be boiled down to a couple of sentences. Hence, snaoe in my country nowadays, we are faced with kids who speak out their minds without thinking of all the possibilities or consequences.

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Caht a teacher, I've had lots of talks with parents for personal knowledge and indeed, parents these days want their children to be free in everything and especially from teachers because they were themselves beaten up or belittled by teachers. However the situation is now completely reversed: teachers pagan chat rooms afraid of dnape.

Still, those parents keep telling us that their little darlings are angels even though I call them to inform them they are way misbehaving in my classes. Parents nowadays do not trust teachers, and I believe Rowling is one of them since she said that "teachers" hence, in general abuse their power. Some do, indeed, but not all I can assure you. Very important: notice where Rowling places her "however".

She concedes that he is not pleasant, BUT even so, we should keep on eye on him because there is more to him than what meets the eye. And what exactly meets the eye nsape Snape? His "bastard" attitude or his Death Eater mark.

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It can be one or the other or both. Difficult to say.

Is she talking literally or connotatively? If literally, she means the dark mark hidden under Snape's robes. If connotatively, she means that his bad attitude is not what Snape is all about.

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Hence, it would precurse his being sape such a bad guy after all. What part of Snape did we find about in Book4 that we didn't see before? His Death Eater status is what comes to mind. Especially since we only saw a part of the story, at the end of the book, and we were left wondering exactly what Dumbledore ordered Snape to do when he asked if he was ready.

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I do tend to believe it's positive in this case. One of our internet correspondents wondered if Snape is going to fall in love. JKR laughs Who on earth would want Snape in love with them? Very funny indeed!! Bet she'd have nightmares for a year judging from her reaction to this question! I wish she would be clearer!

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That's all we want to know right? The redemptive pattern to Snape! Is it an illusion or not? Well, at least she said she couldn't answer which means snaape will eventually know for sure. She will keep Snape until the very end then!

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However, what does she mean by "stunned" that someone asked about the redemption of Snape. Is it positive or negative? Does she mean she's stunned someone thinks Snape can have a redemptive nature to him?